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Deadfall TreantWelcome to LoL Friends!

Ever wanted more RP for skins in League of Legends but found the Riot Store's prices a bit too expensive? Or are you just looking for some hard to get limited edition skins like Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch?

Here at LoL Friends, we try to solve both dilemmas with our League of Legends referral service. With Riot's Refer a Friend 2.0, you can earn rewards by referring friends to LoL and having them reach level 10. Our service speeds up that process by getting you lots of friends without having you lift a finger! Did we mention you get a whole chunk of IP as well?

We offer several options that we feel pretty much doubles your value of riot points. To check out our prices, please visit our Comparison page.

If you have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and if you don't find it there, pop into our forums or contact us directly for a quick reply!

Enjoy your stay here.

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